Q: Who is eligible for inclusion in Rimon’s online directory?
A: Anyone who self-identifies as a Minnesota Jewish artist in any artistic discipline can be included in Rimon’s online directory.

Q: How free is Rimon’s “free” online artist directory?
A: Rimon is assuming the expense of building and maintaining the directory. Rimon will not charge artists for setting up their profiles in the directory, displaying their work samples, or otherwise benefiting from inclusion in the directory.

Q: I don’t have a working portfolio website. Can I still participate in Rimon’s directory?
A: Yes, any Minnesota Jewish artist with at least one work sample can be listed in the directory.

Q: Why is Rimon launching this directory?
A: Artists are essential workers in Minnesota Jewish culture. A comprehensive artist directory will raise the profile of our remarkable community of writers, playwrights, choreographers, composers, actors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, architects, visual artists, photographers, and other arts workers. What better time to renew this commitment to bringing artists into the center of the community’s life than during Rimon’s 25th anniversary year in 2020.

Q: Other organizations have produced similar directories. How is Rimon’s directory different from those?
A: One of Rimon’s key objectives is to promote and enhance Jewish identity through arts and culture. An information-rich directory focused on Jewish artists in Minnesota will serve that goal in spades. The original directory revealed to the Jewish and non-Jewish communities that Minnesota is home to a broad, large, talented array of Jewish creatives working in every art form imaginable. No such database had previously existed, and it was used extensively. The present moment requires a different tool (a searchable online database), but the goals remain the same.

Q: Can Rimon use artists’ uploaded work samples?
A: Only with an artist’s permission. Rimon’s directory doesn’t own the uploaded works and will not modify art work for use outside of the directory. Artists own the copyright of their works and, if desired, can add watermarks when uploading.

Q: How does Rimon’s directory respond to liability issues?
A: While Rimon will try to help all artists in the database to protect their works, the organization is not responsible for liability issues such as content stealing. Artists own the copyright of their works, and they need to take precautions to safeguard their work online.

Q: I work in different media. Will I have the chance to display an array of work in various art forms in Rimon’s directory?
A: Artists are free to display their work in multiple media as long as the total number of work samples does not exceed five.

Q: How can I connect with artists doing similar work?
A: You can search for different artists or browse our directory using tag selection. The contact information of the specific artist is listed in their profile.

Q: How can I use Rimon’s directory to find collaborators?
A: Search for the artists you are interested in collaborating with or browse through Rimon’s directory using tag selection to find ideas.

Q: How do I update my profile on Rimon’s directory?
A: Rimon wants the users to update their profile by themselves. Each user will have a password that gives the user access to editing their profile. If needed, Rimon will provide assistance.

Q: When will Rimon’s directory be officially launched?
A: Due to disruptions related to the pandemic, we are not sure exactly when Rimon’s directory will be officially launched. We aim to launch it in early 2021.

Q: How can I remove my listing in Rimon’s directory?
A: Contact the Rimon office at [email protected] if you wish to remove your listing. You will receive a brief questionnaire to complete the process.

Q: How does Rimon’s directory regulate inappropriate or illegal content?
A: Rimon fully respects diversity and inclusion, freedom of speech, and exploratory moves. This might include explicit or triggering content for some of our audience. On the other hand, racism, hate speech, explicitly pornographic content, or scams will not be permitted. Please contact Rimon at [email protected] if you see inappropriate or illegal content. Content will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and Rimon reserves the right to remove offensive material.