Art Form(s)

Digital, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Paper, Performance Art, Public Art


[email protected]

I am interested in collaborative work.

St. Paul

Artist Statement

Susan Gainen is a Whimsical Wildlife Documentarian, Abstract Painter, and author of collections of Whimsical Creatures' stories. She has two Prime Directives: (1) Spread whimsy, and (2) make art that shows that every piece/person looks better because of the pieces/persons that surround it.

During the years before coming to Minnesota in 1992, Susan Gainen worked in the food business, the car business, as a lawyer, and as a headhunter for lawyers. In Minnesota, she served in the Career Office of the University of Minnesota Law School, ran (concurrent) legal career consulting and cooking instruction businesses before assuming her current identities as Full-Time Working Artist and Author and food demonstrator at Costco.
Classes: Watching Paint Dry Can Be Fun; Watercolor Postcards for Thrifty Travelers; Paper Mosaics for anyone having abandoned activities requiring safety equipment and/or liability waivers.