miriam trius

Art Form(s)

Digital, Drawing/Illustration, Fiber, Installation, Literary Arts, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Music, Painting, Printmaking, Other


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I am interested in collaborative work.


Artist Statement

Inspired heavily by Eastern European Jewish culture and incorporating many Yiddish themes and symbols, both rooted in tradition and utilizing modern colors and patterns, Miriam's art explores what 21st century Yiddish art could look like if there were a continuous, uninterrupted canon of works from the 1930s until now.

Miriam (they/she) is an Ashkenazi multidisciplinary artist, writer, musician, and parent living just outside the eruv in S. Minneapolis. She has led or coordinated countless Jewish ritual and learning opportunities throughout the Twin Cities, her art has been featured on flyers for shows headlined by local and international musicians, and she is currently in school studying Yiddish philosophy and culture. In her free time she plays klezmer violin, goes roller skating with her kids, and dreams of opening a small kosher café and community space.

Work Samples

Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image