Mark Bloom

Art Form(s)

Film/Video, Music, Theater


[email protected]

I am interested in collaborative work.


Artist Statement

Arguably Minnesota's Godfather of contemporary Jewish Jazz & R&B music. With all due respects to the guitar - My music is delivered through the mind of a composer/keyboardist more than willing to move beyond a 1/2 dozen chords. I will exceed, and go well beyond basic expectations. In fact, find the word "basic" a limiting factor that deprives my audiences, students, etc. the best chance to learn and achieve success

BFA University of Minnesota in Theater Arts. Longtime film & theater composer & sound designer. Endless gigs playing solo/trio/w'band for private and public events. Serving communities local, national & international with unique programs exploring unseen/unheard concepts to the naked ear. Operates sound studio, "M'shuggah Sound." Conducts & produces senior chorale "The Chai-light Chorus" for over twenty years.
Interfaith/Intercultural alignment through music
The Great American Songbook and it's underlying ethnicity
Profoundly Progressive takes on sacred/secular music
"Prayformance" - Respectful analysis
Compositional commissions and songwriting for hire
Music arranger & producer.

Work Samples

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