Kyna Levi

Art Form(s)

Mixed Media, Painting, Wood, Other


[email protected]

St. Paul

Artist Statement

I am an artist, educator and innovator. I use found objects and transform them into cosmic creations with with the use of Hebrew Calligraphy and text. I believe in the value repurposing items. I do what I do because I am spiritual being who believes in environmental values and turning the profane into something sacred by illuminating the natural beauty in life. I want to highlight the things that the naked eye might not see. Each piece of art is inspired by Hebrew text which is blended in each design.

In 2013, Kyna Graduated from Hebrew Union College with a Masters degree in Jewish education. She helped start Merkava Mentors and served as the educational director for two years. In 2015 she took a break from the world of Education to pursue a career as an artist. She worked restoring old homes and painting until 2017 when she completed a series of courses offered from the Springboard for the Arts.
In 2018, Kyna Levi received a grant from Rimon to work on her Chai series, a collection of eighteen 100 year old windows restored to highlight concepts of creation.
In 2020, she worked in an artist mentorship program through Rimon and created pieces that reflected the social unrest of the time. Done on old picture frames repurposed from a dying department store. She currently is working on her children’s picture book and new projects on scraps of wood.
Currently she is a lead teacher at Aleph Preschool where she incorporates Jewish values, text and creative art projects in her classroom.

Work Samples

Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image