Ilene Mojsilov

Art Form(s)

Drawing/Illustration, Painting


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I am interested in collaborative work.


Artist Statement

I’ve been experimenting with written language and personal symbols in drawing and painting in color pencil, oil pastel, graphite, ink, gouache, and acrylic paint. Shadows and silhouettes interest me for their abstract qualities and play between positive and negative space. Whether observed shapes or ones pulled from my imagination, I draw and paint to make visible what’s rattling around in my head. This process is part automatic drawing that allows my semi-conscious visual language to reveal itself, and part formal abstraction. After a linear structure is on the paper/canvas, I consciously make decisions to refine the composition. Free association happens along the way, and each artwork has a narrative I tell myself. There are echoes of landscape, human figures, flora, and fauna in these drawings and paintings. In other words, I intend to dodge specificity while generating a flavor of something knowable.

Ilene Krug Mojsilov is a visual artist and arts educator. She studied at the University of Minnesota where she received a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in studio arts and art history. After graduation, Krug Mojsilov integrated her practice with cultural influences in Tucson, New York City, Tokyo, and Paris. Lasting impressions include her color palette from the desert landscape, New York City street art, contemporary Japanese calligraphy and ikebana, and post modern painting exhibited in Europe.
For 20 years, Krug Mojsilov worked at Walker Art Center in Education Public Programs. She continues to facilitate art making and gallery visits with a deep understanding of contemporary art. Currently, Krug Mojsilov freelances as a teaching artist at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and other nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities.

Work Samples

Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image