Andy Fein

Art Form(s)

Wood, Other


[email protected]

St. Paul

Artist Statement

I make and sell- Stradivarius model violins, violas, and cellos ranging from $1,000 to over $100,000. French model pernambuco, carbon and hybrid bows. I offer repairs, restorations, and rehairs on violin family instruments. We also rent instruments both long term and short term to students, visitors, teachers, and professionals.

Maker and restorer of violins, violas, cellos, and bows. Owner of Fein Violins since 1982. Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, I have a BA in Music from Wesleyan University. I apprenticed in Chicago and then worked and studied with luthiers and museums in Italy, France, Britain, Canada, and Israel. I collaborate closely with world renowned violin maker and restorer Amnon Weinstein. Amnon is the curator and restorer of "Violins of Hope"- violin family instruments rescued from the Shoah and restored to performing condition.
Appraisals. Online only. Please visit our website.

Work Samples

Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image Artist-produced image