Dina Osullivan

Art Form(s)

Ceramics, Drawing/Illustration, Fiber, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Paper, Printmaking, Sculpture, Theater, Other



[email protected]

I am interested in collaborative work.

St. Paul

Artist Statement

I am what I consider, a reactive artist. I either react to somethng I have read about Jewish women and/or events involving the women. I always do research for my painting. I like to draw from the strength of the womenin Torah as they are portrayed. I also like to draw the elements of Judaism :example Chai symbols,mezuzahs, and more. am also interested in the visuals that accompaney Climate Change. I also work with children in Rosemount's Art Blast because I feel that children need to be involved in an art situation so they can express their feelings through art about difficult situations if necessary. Paintng and clay work goes a long way in allowing this.I feel the making of art can b two fold,one as an expression of some strong idea and/or a comment about politics,climate, opinion and a clear picture of what impresses me most on most days.

I have a Masters in Special Education and another Masters in Art Education. I have taught in the Edina Schools and art in the Gulfport schools on the Gulf Coast.I have been an artist in many venues and I work in many materials. I am a painter and I create fiber art quilts. I am also a wet felter and work with flat wall pieces. I make jewelry using beads and found articles, felt and clay.I am a potter and also work in sculpture.Much of my work is Jewish in theme.I particularly like portraying women in Judaism. I have been given an art residency in Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, California hereI wrked on felting. and shibori. I continue to do both of those today. I do a lot of research before doing a piece that reflects the woman's place in Judaism.I have participated in drawing classes and work in charcoal and pencil
I work with the Rosemount Art Association as a costume designer in the theater department.I create the costumes and if necessary sew them from scratch. I also did some plays(costumes) in Northfiefld
I also volunteer with Art Works n Eagan and I am in an exhibit there now. I have been in many exhibits on the Gulfport where I worked in the George Ohr Museum as an Education planner for exhibits. I worked with the curators to do this. I trained docents to give tours.