Bonnie Heller has been making art her entire life.

Any material is fodder for her art making. Primarily a painter, she also works with discarded items and three-dimensional forms, glass and vintage beads, monoprinting and collage.

She has exhibited all over the world and is known locally for her lushly painted cakes, still lifes and figurative paintings. Her studio in the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Arts is brimming with colorful, joyful paintings and sculpture, outrageous props, vivid paints and a grand variety of tools.

Her work has traveled across the United States in the National Sketchbook Project Tour, across the ocean to Israel, at In Book Form, and was shown locally in The Northside Today: Memory, Place, Home and Community at The Homewood Studios and the Minnesota State Fair, to name a few.

Recently she participated in Diverse Inquiries: Curious Passions at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Art4Shelter, Burnet Gallery, SAMEE Sustainable Acts: Mother Earth's Embrace at Hamline University, Or Chadash, A New Light, Unfiltered, The Waters of Creation and most recently, Voices of Wisdom. Gratitutions, a series of 100 small painting on quotidian moments was presented as a solo show at Traffic Zone Center For Visual Arts Gallery and repeated as Gratitutions Revisited two years later in St. Paul.

Recent solo shows include The Cake Lady Speaks, a delicious exhibition of 25 large celebratory cakes and Opening Night: The Conversation, a series of large scale paintings honoring art audiences.